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Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday....TGIF...weekend deals

Hi everyone...

Well it's finally Friday...not sure where you all live but here in the Northeast it's been one long rainy week.  Looks like the sun is going to shine this weekend..and it's time to get outside and enjoy the springtime.

Here's a couple of deals that are going on now and throughout the weekend:

Old Navy is having weekend specials all this month this Saturday's special is $1.00 flip flops.  They come in many cool colors and with summer fast approaching it's a great time to stock up.  

If anyone is interested in weather or not to get Sunday's Paper for the coupon inserts this Sunday if you go to can get a preview of this Sunday's coupons in your area.

Looking for sneakers is having a sale on new balance shoes this weekend 75% off with shipping for under $4.00.  What a deal

WOW Here is a hot deal for this weekend! Get New Balance Shoes Up to 75% Off! Plus, is offering $3.95 flat rate shipping no matter what size the order! This is a great deal on shoes! More Shortcuts:

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boy, I am learning more than I ever thought...

Hi Everyone,

Since trying to get this blog,website, and facebook fan page up and running I have learned that this is a lot harder than it looks.  I had no clue about designing a website and have been overwhelmed.  The best advise I have gotten so far is that I should of done more research before trying to start this project.  The good thing is that there are so many people out there that are willing to help and offer advice.  I am slowly getting up to speed and would like to thank all my friends and followers at Frogblog.  I need all the help I can get and it has been so nice to have so many communities where people are more than willing to help.  My original intent was to offer a site where you could get all the couponing, daily deals, freebies in one place.  The amount of information and various sites that follow these deals is insane.  So for now I am just taking it slow and learning every day. There are so many sites out there that offer such great advise and deals that I am going to organize them and offer them up to you.  Anyone out there that would like to mentor me and give me any tips I would love to hear from you.  Thank you and remember Never Ever Pay Full Price.  Have a great day and talk to you soon!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First Post

Ok, I have been working on this all day since 10 am this morning.  My hope is to help bring you all the deals, coupon codes, and freebies offered out there into one place.  I would also love to expand my posts to include daily news both local and worldwide.  Preview bargains, fashion finds, electronic steals and any other deal I feel is interesting all together in one convenient place.  I have been following couponing and frugal living communities for almost a year now.  During this time I have realized that there are many people out there living paycheck to paycheck who would appreciate help in saving money and finding the best deals as I do.  The economy has certainly not improved and I see more and more people actually using coupons and  comparing and researching the best prices before buying items.  It seems that most families have been really hurt by the downturn in our economy.  So chin up everyone we will pull through this together and remember NEVER EVER PAY FULL PRICE.  So let me know what you think of my blog as it progresses, any helpful hints or tips would be greatly appreciated.  Please follow me and lets learn and save together.